Aliver Growth Eyelash Enhancer

  • 100% New and high quality
  • Product Category: Eyelash Growth Enhancer
  • NET content: 5 ml
  • Colour: Transparent Colour
  • Contains plant extracts, for the eyelash to replenish nutrition, so that eyelashes thick, shiny. 
  • Keeps the eyelashes in a dense and beautiful state to prevent breaking off. 
  • Used as mascara base, can make eyelashes denser. 
  • The curved brush head that fits the arc of the eyelids can brush every eyelash.
  • It can also be used as a transparent mascara. 
  • Eyelashes are the shortest lifespan in all hairs, with a period of only 90 days. 
  • After 90 days, eyelashes may be short and scarce.
  • Plant extracts of eyelash growth Enhancer can effectively nourish eyelashes, natural stimulation for eyelash growth, makes your eyelashes longer, darker, denser.

Easy to use

  • Apply on your eyelashes and eyebrows morning and/or evening.
  • Make sure skin is dry and free of makeup.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.   
  • Use a single brush stroke on each eye. Bottom lashes will receive benefits without direct application.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes until the serum has dried.

Product features:

  • Noticeable long-lasting results
  • Natural plant Safe for your eyes and skin
  • 95% natural ingredients conditioner and enhancer serum combine with the latest cutting-edge cosmetic science to stimulate powerful keratin and collagen production.
Packaging includes:
 1 x Eyelash Growth Enhancer
Aqua, l-arginine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, d-alpha-tocopherol, urea

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