About Us - Aliver Cosmetics

Redefining Beauty Convenience 


Aliver Cosmetics finds its roots in the founder, Aliva's, fascination with the mesmerising beauty routines of women around her. Witnessing their radiant allure sparked Aliva's deep passion for makeup and beauty, shaping the core vision of the brand.


Aliva's beginnings can be traced back to a crucial moment when Aliva couldn't secure a nail appointment. This sparked a powerful idea: what if beauty treatments could be brought directly to one's home?


In 2011, Aliver was born, introducing a line of home nail care collections, empowering individuals to indulge in salon-worthy manicures in the comfort of their own homes.


Further inspired to redefine beauty norms, Aliver rapidly evolved. By 2017, Aliva’s innovative spirit led to an expansive collection of hair care, body care, skincare, and more. At the centre of all of this was one, pivotal message: "Beauty is not a chore, it can be available from the comfort of your own home"


Driven by this ethos, Aliver Cosmetics continues to inspire and redefine beauty standards, offering a diverse array of cruelty-free products designed to enhance self-care rituals and celebrate the beauty within every individual.



Simple Beauty, Powerful Mission

At ALIVER, our mission is clear: to curate luxurious, high-quality beauty products accessible to all.


We work tirelessly to bring the latest trends to your makeup bag at irresistible prices, ensuring that every beauty enthusiast can effortlessly indulge in their passion.


Our commitment goes beyond products. We strive to provide swift, dependable service alongside stellar customer care, ensuring the best experience possible. If ever we miss the mark in any aspect, we're here to listen and improve.


Join us on this beauty journey, where simplicity meets excellence.                                                                            



Our Values - Cruelty-Free Beauty For Everyone 

At ALIVER, our commitment extends beyond beauty—it encompasses care for you and the world we share. As Responsible Retailers, we take pride in offering a diverse range of products that are cruelty-free and consciously crafted for sustainability. For more insights into our practices, get in touch.


Through our platform, we don't just sell products; we strive to inspire. We believe in empowering individuals to make thoughtful choices about what they use. Small actions in our daily routines can have a big impact on our world.


Your voice matters. Whether a product doesn’t quite match your expectations, you've discovered your perfect fit, or you have ideas for new launches, we're all ears. Your feedback is pivotal in our journey, aiding our growth and ensuring we provide essential products you'll adore.


Embracing The Future

At ALIVER, innovation fuels our journey as we redefine the Home Salon experience with a touch of professionalism. We're on a quest to elevate our makeup collection while setting our sights on developing a specialised series for diverse individuals. From sensitive to dry, oily to acne-prone skin, our ambition is to cater to all.


We're here to create history, pioneering new product lines and setting benchmarks.


Be alive, being ALIVER - Happy Shopping!