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Aliver Hydrogel Hyaluronic & Retinol Mask Patches Under Eye Treatment Deeply Hydrates and Rejuvenates Under Eye Skin - 60pcs Pack

Aliver Hydrogel Hyaluronic & Retinol Mask Patches Under Eye Treatment Deeply Hydrates and Rejuvenates Under Eye Skin - 60pcs Pack

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 Lack of sleep and often staying up late?
You need our under eye mask to deeply hydrate, rejuvenate your under eye and feel refreshed !

Aliver Under Eye Patch Mask is luxury everyday eye skin treatment for tired under eye skin, for dark circles and wrinklesActive ingredients such like Hyaluronic acid helps to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. 
Aliver Eye Mask is enriched with Soluble or Plant – based Collagen, which is designed to easily pass through the skin’s pores. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies it helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells.
Grape Seed and Pomegranate Extract is powerful Antioxidant it helps to regenerate skin cells and minimize signs of skin aging and sun damageAliver Under Eye Patch Mask is formulated to target dark circles, eye bags and smooth wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines around the eye area. 
Powerful combination of natural extracts, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, Retinol, and collagen work together to restore, hydrate, and improve skin elasticity.

Benefits of Using Hyaluronic Acid & Retinol Cream Under Eye Masks.
Hyaluronic Acid Eye Treatment Mask helps in reducing dark circles, removing swelling, maintaining moisture, preventing and anti-aging and smoothing angles, can help activate cellular regeneration, to promote skin metabolism and repair skin moisture, effectively enhance the eye skin Tension and elasticity. The extra collagen booster regenerates your sensitive eye area with anti-wrinkle effect. 

Collagen Eye Masks can instantly hydrate, plump and moisturize your skin around your eyes with powerful Hyaluronic Acid. Minimizes and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with collagen and epidermal growth factor while improving skin tone and texture.

The Hydrogel Hyaluronic & Retinol Under Eye Mask gradually dissolves below body temperature and penetrates quickly into the skin, which requires the nutrients and moisture to complete the eye nutrition. Visibly reduces wrinkles and lines, cools and moisturizes hyaluronic and collagen.

Why Choose Us Aliver Eye Hydrogel Pads?

- Relieve fatigue eyes

- Instant & long lasting hydration for eye

- Hydrates and moisturizes the eye skin

- Increase the elasticity of the eye contour

- Lifts and brightens the eye skin area

- Restore the delicate skin around your eyes

- Reduce dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles and fine lines.

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