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Aliver® Cosmetics

Aliver 100% Pure & Natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Aliver 100% Pure & Natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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Aliver Jamaican Black Castor Oil 

Natural Organic Castor Oil: Aliver Castor Oil is 100% Pure & Natural Cold-Pressed, Hexane free, Unrefined Castor Oil. Yes, this oil contains no added ingredients, fragrance, alcohol or no chemicals or preservatives in it.

Nourish Conditioning for Hair Care: Aliver Castor Oil is the best conditioning oil for all Hair Types (Dry, Straight, Wavy, and Curley Hairs). This Castor Oil is a natural source of fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the scalp and support healthier hair growth, shiny hair, stronger-longer-thicker hairs, reduce hair lost, control dandruffs.
Conditions Eyebrows & Eyelashes: It helps to stimulate Growth of your Eyelashes become bold & lengthens plus your Eyebrows become bold and adds fullness. It also Support beautiful, fuller looking lashes and brows by using Castor Oil as a natural eyelash and eyebrow oil.

Anti-Aging & Face Moisturizer: helps soften and protect skin and it often used in cosmetics, lotions and cleansers as Aliver Castor Oil’s thickness, many prefer to blend castor oil with other skin-friendly oil such as Jojoba Oil. Beside moisturizing the face, castor oil can also help reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. B It also used to soothe and calm dry and irritated skin.

Nails & Cuticles:  Aliver Castor Oil is also hydrates nail beds, cuticles, and the surrounding skin, which promotes healthy nail growth. This keeps nails from breaking and peeling, which gives you longer and healthier nails. To use, soak fingertips in a small amount of castor oil or apply to nail beds with an any Cotton Swabs.
Ingredient: Pure Castor Oil - (Cold Pressed)

Ingredient: Pure Castor Oil - (Cold Pressed)

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