Aliver Natural Beard & Hair Growth Balm Wax Softens Condition and Promotes Natural and Health Beard Hair Growth

ALIVER Natural Beard and Hair Growth Wax 
Balm Softens Condition and Grows Beard Hair 

ALIVER Beard and Hair Growth Balm naturally softens, condition and style the beard hair. 
Stop beard flakes, itch and promotes beard hair growth. 
The Beard and Hair Growth Balm is carefully enriched with natural oil 
blend extract to help your beard hair grow thicker and stronger. 
Leaves beard soft with nice hair feel + natural fresh/clean mint smell. 

Give you a light to medium hold, keeping stray hairs to a minimum. 
They may also help seal the hair and follicle, keeping it from drying out.
Rapid infiltration: Can quickly penetrate the skin and be absorbed.
Promote hair follicle activation and regeneration, promote the proliferation of hair cells split.
Make your beard feel healthier, with a smooth appearance that helps it appear fuller and thicker.
This product can be used every day for beard and moustaches, sideburns, goatee and skin.

How to Use:
 Best to apply in the morning or after washing your face. 
Pour a small amount in the balm of your hand, 
rub your hands together so it thinly covers your palms and fingers,
 the run your hands through your beard in the direction it grows.

1. Keep out of reach of children. Store in cool dry place way from direct sunlight.
2. Test on a small patch of skin for 24 hours before use, if irritations occurs discontinue to use the product. 
3. For external use only.


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