Aliver Skin Regeneration Brightening Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask with Ceramides, Biogold, Co-Enzyme Q10 and Collagen - Pack of 5 Masks


2 Steps Skin Regeneration Mask

Keep your skin healthy and young-looking

5 Pieces/Masks Pack

BRIGHTEN AND REJUVENATE: Game changing mask will fight blemishes and penetrate deep into the skin without causing skin irritation. This beauty face mask for women is suitable for all skin types and a perfect addition to any skincare routine. A unique blend of natural botanical ingredients will brighten and hydrate skin while cleansing, to give skin a younger, more supple, glowing appearance. Our pure natural and organic ingredients can always be traced back to their source. 100% vegan formula.

BRIGHTENING MASK: Designed to fight a dull complexion and dark spots, our Bio Enzymes Mask Brightening gives the skin an immediate glow and illuminates the complexion.

COENZYME Q10 MASK: The secret of the effectiveness of our Bio Enzymes Mask range lies in the combination of natural active ingredients and biocellulose. This ultra-pure biotech material composed of nano fibres is the result of the enzyme fermentation of coconut water. The 3D structure of bio cellulose retains a high level of active ingredients and optimizes their distribution in the skin.

SKIN ACTIVES AND BENEFITS: Our Mask Brightening has a “second skin” effect during use. The formula of this facial mask contains 4 natural active ingredients: Vitamin B3, brightening and anti-dark spots, moisturising and soothing aloe vera and two calming and regenerating plants: chamomile and yarrow. 

SMOOTHER AND MORE ELASTIC SKIN: Skin fine lines and rough sagging are caused by the loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin with age. This mask has a rich essence which can inject new energy into the skin and keep it young. Deeply hydrate and moisturize the skin and smooth out fine lines with our mask now!

FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Including dry, normal, oily, combination, sensitive, and irritated. This daily acne treatment has been designed to be highly effective yet gentle enough for everyday use

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