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Aliver Skin Tag Remover Kit Painless Mole & Wart Removal Tool

Aliver Skin Tag Remover Kit Painless Mole & Wart Removal Tool

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Aliver Skin Tag Remover Kit Fast Effective Micro Safe Wart Removal Effective Bands

Safe & Painless Skin Tag Remover: According to the US standard medical ligation methods of skin tag removal, safe and sound, By cutting the direct blood supply of skin tags, with the rubber bands moderate gentle tightness design, it’s painless during the process.

Eliminate Skin Tags Fast: Aliver skin tag removal kit utilizes the ligation method with small rubber bands to reduce the skin tags blood supply, it is a fast and easy way to lose your skin tags, so you can avoid costly and painful invasive cosmetic procedures, which effectively removes skin tags and leaves your skin smooth and healthy.

Easy To Use: For Small, Medium, Large(2mm – 8mm) Skin Tags. Just follow the simple instructions and remove skin tags without any pain or discomfort, with no freezing or burning.

Suitable For All Body Areas: Our effective skin tag remover is ideal for getting rid of annoying skin tags (NOT moles or warts) on any part of your body, including your face, neck, chin, back, underarms, fingers, or legs (excluding sensitive eye area).

One Hand Design: Use from the Comfort of Home, the one-handed design allows you to reach those skin tags in hard-to-reach areas.

Quick Results: See flawless, beautiful skin in 2 weeks! Eliminate skin tags effectively- the skin tag remover dries up skin tags and they just fall away like magic!

Caution : They are not to be used by anyone with a rubber allergy. This kit is not intended for use on warts or moles. Do not attempt to treat an internal skin tag or a skin tag around sensitive areas such as the eyes.

How to use it?

  • Clean the skin tag and the surrounding area with one of the provided cleansing swabs.
  • Attach the loader onto the end of the device then place a band onto the tip of the loader and roll it down and onto the device.
  • Remove the loader from the device
  • Position the hollow end of the device over the skin tag.
  • Once it s level with the skin s surface push the button to release the band.
  • The band will now be held securely in place where it will remain until the skin tag has dropped off.

Skin Tag Removal Kit Removes Skin Tag Sized 2mm to 8mm


  • 1. Do use the fingernail to touch the band, it will break it.
  • 2. Not suitable for people with rubber-related allergies. Consult your doctor for more information.
  • 3. No More Skin Tags In A Few Days?

Depending on the size and location of your skin tag, it might take 3-14 or even more days to effectively cut off the blood supply and eliminate the tag.

Package Included:

  • 40 X Removal bands
  • 36 X Skin repair patches

  • 10 X Cleansing swabs

  • 2 X Band applicator cone

  • 1 X Band remover

  • 1 X Instruction manual
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