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Aliver Natural Beard Hemp Oil with Infused Jojoba Oil

Aliver Natural Beard Hemp Oil with Infused Jojoba Oil

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  • NATURE'S WONDER OIL - Hemp Oil is described as nature's most perfectly balanced oil. The unique properties of this amazing oil are combined with a rich blend of natural plants and oils to stimulate hair growth and also nourish and care the skin underneath.
  • HAIR GROWTH AND HYDRATION - It assists in activating and protecting follicle stem cells in order to produce stronger hair, with increased density and volume.
  • ONLY BENEFITS TO YOUR BEARD AND SKIN- Carefully formulated to gentle moisturise, hydrate, treats split ends, reduce painful irritations, eliminate nasty flakes, de-tangles hairs, promote healthy faster beard growth, nourishes the facial hairs as well conditions the skin underneath, so as to get rid of itching without leaving the greasy residue behind.
  • FRESH FEELING - Our signature scented fragrance is guaranteed to leave a light and pleasant aroma, sure to attract anyone close by in no time.
  • CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN FRIENDLY - We only use 100% natural ingredients, NON-GMO , Pesticide FREE , Cruelty Free, NO preservatives or added man made chemicals.


Cannabis Sativa seed oil, Simmondia Chinensis , Cedarwood Oil, Macadamia ternifolia.

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